The Jacka Foundation for Natural Therapies is a not-for-profit charitable fund that carries out philanthropic activities in the fields of naturopathy and natural therapies. Our Vision, Mission and Key Focus areas are as follows.

A society where natural therapies are the first choice for people seeking informed control of their health and wellbeing


To advance natural therapies in mainstream health by facilitating leadership and mentoring in research and practice


Our focus is on building capacity in the profession of naturopathy and facilitating the use of safe and effective natural therapies in the community. We support research, mentoring, leadership, and the development of collaborative partnerships that further these aims. Current strategies are focused on the following areas:

  • Supporting and nurturing naturopathy
  • Enabling best quality research in the field
  • Developing productive partnerships
  • Enabling public education and confidence in natural therapies
  • Ensuring long term sustainability of the Jacka Foundation


Our Funding Activities page provides information about grants and scholarships currently awarded by the Jacka Foundation for Natural Therapies. Read more.