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In 2016 ARCCIM selected the first naturopaths to be awarded Fellowships with ARCCIM/University of Technology Sydney.

Eleven naturopaths were selected from a field of over 40 applicants. The successful fellows already have early research careers and the fellowship will provide mentoring and support for doing further research and writing publications. ARCCIM established a similar program for CAM practitioners a few years ago and this has been a resounding success with around 70 research publications achieved so far.

To meet the new naturopathy research fellows and hear more about the International Naturopathy Research Leadership program click here.


See: The ARCCIM Naturopathy Program 2017 brochure

and the ARCIMM Newsletter 2016: http://utsarccim.cmail20.com/t/ViewEmail/d/9D66181E950B0194/49F47CFA292C7BDB44D0DD5392A9C75A