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2019: NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University

The Jacka Foundation pledged six million dollars to NICM Health Research Institute for research into complementary and integrative medicine. The funding augments the original 2015 Endowment and consists of $400,000 per year for 15 years from July 2019.

The new funding agreement supports research in complementary and integrative medicine, the Jacka Foundation PhD scholarship for a candidate with a naturopathic background, and the Jacka Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. It also contributes to the position of the Jacka Foundation Senior Research Fellow (Inaugural Fellow Dr Carolyn Ee), and the development of the new Jacka Foundation Conference Centre in the NICM building at WSU’s Westmead campus. The conference centre will become a hub for the exchange of information, research and best practice in complementary and integrative medicine, and facilitate NICM’s reach to a global audience.

Signing Pledge

Judy Jacka and Professor Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor WSU, sign the new pledge in October 2018


group at signing

Jacka Foundation Board members with Dr Penny Caldicott at the signing of the new Pledge.
L-R: Sandra Dillon (Secretary/Treasurer), Terri Albert (Chair), Dr Penny Caldicott (President AIMA), Dr Pauline McCabe (Director), Dr Judy Jacka (Vice-Chair and Hon Fellow WSU)


Alan Bensoussan

Professor Alan Bensoussan, Director NICM Health Research Institute

Carolyn Ee

Dr Carolyn Ee, the Inaugural Jacka Foundation Senior Research Fellow


2015: Australian Research Centre for Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) - $45,000

In 2015 JFNT made an important grant of $45,000 to ARCCIM at UTS to enable the establishment of a world-first international Naturopathy Research and Leadership mentoring program. $15,000 covered a series of research seminars plus networking activities to help identify potential applicants. Over 40 applications were received from around the world and eleven Research Fellows were competitively selected. The remaining $30,000 funded the first year of the program which included bringing the Fellows to Sydney for a one week residential program.

2016 to present: ARCCIM - Ongoing support for Research Mentoring and Leadership program - $30,000 per annum


The Fellows receive mentoring from senior, highly published researchers and also collaborate with each other to identify and carry out research projects. Writing and publication skills are further developed. Each Fellowship includes travel and accommodation allowances for attendance at an annual four day residential program at UTS in Sydney, plus ongoing mentoring and collaboration.

2017-2021: ARCCIM - $50,000 per year to support the work of ARCCIM and Professor Jon Adams in researching the natural therapy professions in Australia, and their potential in reducing the burden of chronic disease. 

2015: National Institute of Complementary Medicine - $2 million dollars over four years


In recent years the Foundation’s major philanthropic effort has been to support the work of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM), based at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). The funding supports academic leadership and promotes research into natural therapies.

NICM has put in place processes for the establishment of the Jacka Foundation Chair of Integrative Medicine Research, a milestone for natural medicine in Australia. Research led by the Chair will contribute to judicious use of complementary medicine and better integration into conventional care. It will contribute data on safety, quality and efficacy of interventions and provide greater guidance to consumers.

2015: Lifestyle
 Initiative - $60,000


The Lifestyle Initiative is an online comprehensive lifestyle change program It will be available to health practitioners for their patients and directly to the public, and people will be able to enrol in the program and track their progress online. This initiative will address a major gap in the healthcare system - prevention of lifestyle disease - and aims to reduce the incidence of chronic health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

2011: Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists
 - $10,000


This grant was provided to support the establishment of a voluntary registration system for naturopaths and herbalists in Australia.