About Us

Jacka Foundation for Natural Therapies (JFNT) is a not-for-profit charitable fund that supports research in naturopathy and its related modalities, and the development of a community of researchers, scholars and leaders in the naturopathic profession.

The Foundation was formed on 18th May 2010 after the sale of the organisation’s educational business, the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT), Fitzroy, VIC. JFNT retains ownership of the premises from which the Southern School operates. The Foundation’s income is derived from rental income and the investment of funds derived from the sale of SSNT.

The JFNT company includes respected and experienced naturopaths who are dedicated to promoting the cause of natural therapies in Australia and the development of the profession of naturopathy.

“The more that organisations like JFNT are able to support research into complementary medicine, the better known and accepted it will become. Scientific research is crucial to building the evidence and demonstrating to the government and the public that complementary medicine is here to stay – and that it’s a good industry in which to invest.”

- Judy Jacka OAM -

About Natural Therapies

Naturopathy is a system of treatment that uses natural therapies for health care. It combines a traditional approach (some aspects having thousands of years of history) with a modern approach that takes advantage of evidence and knowledge from recent research. 

Natural therapies are interventions that promote health maintenance or restoration using natural, holistic or traditional methods. The aim of natural therapy is to assist the body to maintain or regain a healthy physiological balance (homeostasis). Most naturopaths use a selection of herbal, nutritional, homeopathic and flower essence preparations, together with diet and lifestyle improvements, which are combined in a holistic/synergistic approach.

Naturopaths endeavour to educate patients about preventative health strategies and to empower them to discover ways of maintaining a healthy balance specific to their unique constitution.

Our Vision & Mission


A society where natural therapies are the first choice for people seeking informed control of their health and wellbeing.


To advance natural therapies in mainstream health by facilitating leadership and mentoring in research and practice.

Key Focus Areas

Our focus is on building capacity in the profession of naturopathy and facilitating the use of safe and effective natural therapies in the community.

We support research, mentoring, leadership, and the development of collaborative partnerships that further these aims. Current strategies are focused on the following areas:



Terri Albert
GD.Mkt, M.Mkt



Dr Sue Evans

Deputy Chair


Poh Poh Chin


Lauren 2

Dr Lauren Burns
PhD, BHSc(Nat)



Dr Pauline McCabe


Dr Liza Oates
PhD, GradCert EvidBased CompMed, BHSc(Nat)

Public Officer


Associate Professor Greg Connolly B.A, BHSc, MSH, PhD


David Morgan CPA

Our Founder

Judy Jacka OAM
BHSc, ND, GD.HRE, Hon.Fellow WSU

1 August 1938 – 1 March 2022

Judy Jacka passed away at the age of 83 after a life dedicated to service to humanity.

It is impossible to encapsulate the magnitude of almost 60 years of Judy’s commitment to natural therapies in Australia – to clinical practice, the development of formal educational courses and qualifications, her authorship of eight books on natural therapies, her solid commitment to research, and Judy’s well-known participation in the battle to enable the positive regulatory system we now enjoy for natural medicines in Australia.

Her career culminated in a decade of philanthropy following the establishment of the Jacka Foundation in 2010 and included service on the Board as Vice-Chair until her retirement in 2021. Read more.

In June 2015 NICM Health Research Institute published a wide-ranging interview with Judy. It provides many insights into her career and the evolution of naturopathy in Australia over her lifetime.

A full list of Judy Jacka’s book publications can be accessed here.