How to Request Funding

If you are considering the Jacka Foundation as a possible source of funding, the following are our main criteria for assessing whether to fund a project: 

  1. Is the project relevant to the professions and practices of naturopathy and/or western herbal medicine?  
  2. Are the researchers naturopaths or WHM practitioners? We support the development of a community of scholars, researchers and leaderrs in our professions, so preference is generally accorded to projects where the research is being conducted by naturopaths or WHM practitioners, including Masters or PhD candidates or early career researchers 

For postgraduate scholarships, go to the scholarships page to check whether applications are currently open scholarships

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“The more that organisations like JFNT are able to support research into complementary medicine, the better known and accepted it will become. Scientific research is crucial to building the evidence and demonstrating to the government and the public that complementary medicine is here to stay – and that it’s a good industry in which to invest.”

- Judy Jacka OAM -