Congratulations Nicole Bijlsma PhD

Celebrating Dr. Nicole Bijlsma’s Monumental Achievement!

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Nicole Bijlsma has earned her PhD from RMIT University, specialising in Environmental Health and Medicine.

Nicole began this challenging journey eight years ago, under the mentorship of Professor Marc Cohen, Professor Russell Conduit, and Professor Gerard Kennedy. Her dedication was supported by a joint scholarship from the Jacka Foundation of Natural Therapies and RMIT University.

This achievement is a testament to Nicole’s perseverance and commitment, and it is a proud moment for all who have supported her along the way.

Recognized globally as an authority in Environmental Medicine, Nicole’s expertise as a building biologist and her leadership at the Australian College of Environmental Studies are truly commendable. Her influential book, ‘Healthy Home, Healthy Family,’ among other contributions, continues to shape the field of environmental health.

Nicole’s groundbreaking research not only inspires but also promises to make a lasting impact. We look forward to seeing the continued advancements in her work.

Congratulations to Dr. Nicole Bijlsma!

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