A visit to the National Institute of Integrative Medicine

Standing L to R: Ms Terri Albert JFNT Chair; Ms Sandra Dillon JFNT Sec/Treas; Ass Prof Kylie O/Brien NIIM Education Officer; Ms Jennifer Osborne NIIM COO.
Seated: Prof Avni Sali NIIM Director; Ms Judy Jacka JFNT Vice-Chair; Dr Pauline McCabe JFNT Director

In September 2018 JFNT Board members visited the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne, meeting with the Founding Director, Professor Avni Sali, and Director of Education, Assoc. Professor Kylie O’Brien. NIIM is one of several institutions in Australia conducting research into complementary and integrative medicine, an area in which JFNT shares great interest. 

Examples of research currently under way include investigations into gut health, electromagnetic wave therapy for pain relief, vitamin C and cognitive function in surgical patients, and the effects of Kyolic garlic in hypertensive patients.

NIIM operates a clinic where patients can choose from a range of practices including integrative general practice, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, osteopathy and nutrition. Short courses, seminars and lectures for health professionals and the public are available to help raise awareness of integrative medicine in the medical profession and the public.

Recently a clinic dispensary was established on the ground floor of the NIIM building. The dispensary is open to the public, offering a wide range of herbal and natural medicine products.

Although around two-thirds of the Australian public utilise natural therapies, mainstream medical research organisations provide very little funding for complementary and integrative medicine in this country. NIIM is one of a small but growing number of organisations that work hard to fund and carry out research into the effects of natural therapies on our health and wellbeing.

For further information go to https://www.niim.com.au/about

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