ASLM named NGO of the year

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine was named NGO of the year in the PRIME awards held in Sydney in September 2018. These awards recognise excellence in diverse healthcare areas including communications, public relations, marketing, corporate social responsibility, education, public health initiatives and patient/customer support. The Jacka Foundation congratulates ASLM for the significant contribution it […]

A visit to the National Institute of Integrative Medicine

In September 2018 JFNT Board members visited the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne, meeting with the Founding Director, Professor Avni Sali, and Director of Education, Assoc. Professor Kylie O’Brien. NIIM is one of several institutions in Australia conducting research into complementary and integrative medicine, an area in which JFNT shares great interest.  Examples […]

NHAA Winter Solstice talk – 27th June

North Fitzroy Library 7.30pm.27 June 2019 LINKING NATUROPATHIC PRINCIPLES FROM THE PAST TO CURRENT AND FUTURE VISIONS. NHAA Winter Solstice talk with Judy Jacka at VicHerbs. There will be a focus and information about testing healthy and unhealthy energy fields associated with ourselves and the environment.See: VicHerbs for more information