ARCCIM Naturopathy Research Mentorship Workshop Series 2016

An introduction to the world of health research for students and practitioners of naturopathy   Supported by JFNT OVERVIEW:Would you like to know more about research and its applicability to naturopathy? Have you ever considered a research career with a focus upon naturopathy? Would you like to gain an insight into the world of health research […]

Jacka Foundation Senior Research Fellow appointed by NICM in 2016

In November NICM announced the appointment of Dr Carolyn Ee as the first Jacka Foundation Senior Research Fellow. This position is funded by JFNT and we are delighted with the selection of Dr Ee and her commitment to CAM research. In another exciting development, Prof Jerome Sarris has been appointed as the new Deputy Director […]

Annual NICM caucus meeting November 2016

The annual NICM caucus was held in Sydney at the Boy Charlton Pool and was attended by several members of the JFNT board. Various speakers outlined the year’s achievements in CAM research and national and international collaborations. New appointees were introduced including Prof Jerome Sarris as Deputy Director of NICM, and Dr Carolyn Ee, the […]

Judy Jacka receives Honorary Fellowship from Western Sydney University

On 9 April 2016 Judy Jacka, Vice-Chair of Jacka Foundation for Natural Therapies, was made an Honorary Fellow of Western Sydney University. The award was made in recognition of Judy’s leadership in the naturopathic profession and her roles as a practitioner, educator, writer and philanthropist. The award was part of a graduation ceremony at WSU, […]

World Naturopathic Federation established

The World Naturopathic Federation was established in Paris, France in 2015. The WNF represents naturopathic organizations from around the world and its role is to promote and advance the naturopathic profession. The WNF supports regulation of naturopaths, high educational standards, research, conferences, and working with governments and organisations such as the WHO, UN and UNESCO […]

The ARCCIM International Naturopathy Research Leadership and Building Capacity program

In 2016 the Australian Research Centre for Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) selected the first naturopaths to be awarded Fellowships with ARCCIM/University of Technology Sydney. Eleven naturopaths were selected from a field of over 40 international applicants. The successful fellows already had early research careers and the fellowship provides mentoring and support for further research […]

Judy Jacka invited speaker at the Australian Naturopathic Summit, Kingscliff 2016

AUSTRALIAN NATUROPATHIC SUMMIT The inaugural Australian Naturopathic Summit was held at Kingscliff NSW over the weekend of 27-28th August 2016. There were 330 therapists present including a sprinkling of related persons and professionals. It was a truly lovely event and we were given some amazing stories of creativity and success and throughout, there was an […]

Inaugural Scholarship Recipients

Two of the Jacka Foundation’s inaugural scholarship recipients, Lauren Burns and Nichole Bijlsma, pictured with their research supervisor Prof Marc Cohen, at RMIT’s award night for scholarship recipients on Wednesday 18 May, 2016. Thanks to RMIT for a very enjoyable evening. See our Funding Activities/Scholarships section for information about the research being undertaken by Lauren […]