Press Release for World Naturopathic Federation Inaugural Meetings

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Dear Naturopathic Community,
Attached is the Press Release for the recent WNF Inaugural meetings that were held in Calgary, Canada.  We ask that you share this press release with the members in your country. During the meetings we released the results of the worldwide naturopathic survey that was conducted by the World Naturopathic Federation.  Please visit the following link for further information on the Inaugural WNF meetings and for a copy of the World Naturopathic Federation Report.
As a result of the WNF meetings, the delegates have committed to three new initiatives with the aim of clarifying the landscape of naturopathic medicine worldwide. The first initiative involves an in depth look at the history of naturopathy / naturopathic medicine and how it is defined throughout the world. The second initiative is a professional mapping project that will assist in clarifying the various models of education that are used and how they relate to naturopathic philosophy, principles and practice worldwide. The third project involves the formation of an international WNF research group, a gathering of the tremendous body of naturopathic research that is available worldwide and the recognition for ongoing naturopathic research.
We are encouraged by the number of current WNF members and we understand that a number of naturopathic organizations as in the process of submitting applications for membership, so we have held off finalizing the committee participants to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be involved. Any applications for membership will be processed by the membership committee with final approval occurring at the next official WNF board meeting at the end of July.  We expect that we will be finalizing committee participation for the new initiatives in mid August.  
We will be releasing the minutes of the WNF inaugural meetings within the next week. Please let me know if you would like a copy of the minutes or if you would like further details on the new initiatives.  The WNF board is committed to supporting the diversity of naturopathy / naturopathic medicine worldwide and we encourage you to become a member and participate in these new WNF initiatives.  
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or any other WNF Executive member.
This is an exciting time for the naturopathic profession.
Dr. Iva Lloyd, BScH, BCPP, ND
President WNF

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